1. Your Pediatrician in New Braunfels and Bedtime

    When it comes to children and sleep, one frequent concern parents have is how to get them to bed on time every night. There isn’t a parent out there who hasn’t had to deal with the difficulty of putting a child to bed at least at some point. For many parents, getting their child to bed is a recurring nightmare. This does seem somewhat strange as children need much more sleep than adults. Yet, some children resist going to bed with every fiber…Read More

  2. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Healthy Eating

    If you are having a difficult time getting your children to eat healthy foods, you are not alone. There are many parents out there who have kids who are picky eaters and they tend to make mealtimes more difficult. You might also wonder if your children are getting the nutrition they need for proper growth and development. There is good news. There are several things you can do to get your kids to eat healthy foods. Your kids once again turned the…Read More

  3. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Dangerous Household Items

    Child-rearing has become a more dangerous occupation over the years. This is not because children have changed, it’s because we have turned our living environments into a minefield. There are some potential dangers in products and items that we have all over our homes. And toddlers can be a handful as they like to explore their surroundings and will put almost anything into their mouths. River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatric clinic in New Bra…Read More

  4. Your Pediatric Clinic Offers Tips to Prevent Poisonings

    It was reported that in 2017, 52,000 children under the age of six were treated in emergency rooms for medication poisoning. That is quite a scary number. Accidental ingestion of any toxic substance occurs for several reasons. Some of these reasons include packaging that is not childproof, easy access and packaging that looks kid-friendly. Kids who are just plain curious are also a threat to being poisoned. Nearly 20% of all accidental ingestions…Read More

  5. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Healthy and Fun Fall Activities

    It might only be the first week of September, but all of the signs are there. If you haven’t already noticed, the days are getting shorter, school has started and there is a slight crispness in the air. These are all signs that autumn will soon be here. As the leaves change colors and the summer heat dissipates, you will find that this is the perfect time of year for all sorts of healthy and fun activities that you can do with your children. Au…Read More

  6. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Well-Child Visits

    As a parent, you want your children to have a healthy start in life. This is why it is so important to spend some time at River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatric clinic in New Braunfels, even if your children are not sick. Well-child visits are quite frequent for your children early in their life. This is because babies develop so quickly. But as your children grow older, it is still important that they have regular checkups. Well-Child Visits Fo…Read More

  7. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Packing an Emergency Kit

    Summer is the stuff dreams are made of. You have lazy warm days, relaxed schedules and hopefully, plenty of time off of work to take the family on a road trip. Much of your summer will be spent on the go, which means a lot of time in the car. If you recall, you probably packed a few things in your car for the winter. You know, your ice scraper, an extra pair of gloves and jumper cables. If you are prepared, you would have had a whole winter car e…Read More

  8. Your Pediatrician in New Braunfels and Summer Injuries

    Summertime means your children are spending a lot of their time outside playing. Which is great except it also means that children get injured more often. Families from all over our nation spend much of their summer in the sun doing fun things. But parents need to be cautious because many outdoor activities can end with an injury or even worse, a trip to the emergency room. Ask any doctor and they will tell you that summer is the busiest time in …Read More

  9. River Valley Pediatrics in New Braunfels and Easy Bedtime

    If you are a parent, you know all too well the challenges that come when you are trying to get your children to bed at night. Even if you somehow manage to get them to bed on time and without a huge fuss, keeping them in bed often poses another challenge. Still, getting your children to bed on time and sleeping through the night is very important for optimal health. When children don’t get enough sleep, they have a difficult time controlling th…Read More

  10. Your Pediatrician in New Braunfels Offers Summer Safety Tips

    It’s summer, which means it is the time of year we take vacations, engage in outdoor activities, go to summer camp and have all sorts of fun. Some of the summer activities we do can have health and safety risks. With summer upon us, many families are headed outdoors and it can be all too easy to let your guard down when it comes to safety. There are many fun-filled adventures that await families and kids. But be warned, summer is the time of ye…Read More