1. Benefits of Seeing a Pediatrician in New Braunfels

    As a parent, deciding who to entrust the health care of your child is an important decision. One of the biggest questions you will ask yourself is if you should go with a pediatrician in New Braunfels or a family doctor. Both types of doctors offer advantages, but you really need to look into the benefits of choosing a pediatrician.

    Pediatricians are medical doctors who have had special training in the illnesses and diseases that affect the health and development of babies, children and teenagers. They know an awful lot about the many conditions that can affect your child’s health, behavior and welfare. River Valley Pediatrics offers you these reasons to consider pediatric care for your child or children.

    Point of Contact

    Your pediatrician can also be your main point of contact for any concerns or questions you have regarding the health of your children. Your pediatrician is the person you turn to when you are worried about the flu seasons, injuries in sports or anything else that causes you to lose sleep at night.

    Preventive Care

    Most pediatricians provide primary healthcare for newborns through teenagers. They provide preventative care, help identify disease, treat injuries and care for chronic and acute illnesses. One great benefit of having a primary care pediatrician is that they will have experience in referring you to a pediatric specialist should the need ever arise.

    If your child should ever develop a serious illness or other medical condition, your pediatrician can refer you to a specialist who only treats children.

    Specialize in Children

    Pediatricians undergo several years of schooling to complete their postgraduate pediatric qualification. After completing residency, these doctors will obtain licenses from different states to seek their profession.

    Board Certified

    Board certification of pediatricians is done by the American Board of Pediatrics, which was formed in 1933 to evolve rigorous standards for improving the quality of care pediatricians provide. Board certification was created to add even more assurance of quality.

    Up-To-Date Knowledge

    Your pediatrician will have updated information about what is happening in the field of pediatric care. Basically, even though your pediatrician has completed schooling, the learning never stops.


    There is one downside in choosing a pediatrician and that is the fact that someday, your child will outgrow the pediatrician and may not want to leave. While some teens and young adults will be comfortable with moving on to a physician who doesn’t have a lot of toys in the waiting room, others will find the move rather difficult.

    Reasons to Visit Your Pediatrician

    Vaccines– Vaccines are injections that will help fend off infection and keep your children immune to certain diseases. Unfortunately, you cannot just take them all at once and have them done. From birth to adulthood, there will be a series of immunizations your children will need. From a one-time chickenpox vaccine to yearly influenza vaccines, your pediatrician strongly recommends you bring your children in for these shots.

    Development– It is important that you take your children to a pediatrician so you can better monitor developmental progress and other milestones. Each time you visit the pediatrician, your child will be weighed, measured and compared to other the same age to see where they are developmentally. Your pediatrician will also check for any delays in development, changes in behavior or in muscle tone and reflexes.

    Ear Infections– Younger children will average six to eight colds a year and will often come down with an ear infection. Some common signs of an ear infection include tugging at the ears, trouble sleeping or acting a lot more irritable than usual.

    Fever– Most all children will suffer a fever at some point in their young lives, and there are some instances in which you should have it checked out. For example, if you have an infant under the age of three months with a temperature of over 100 degrees, have them checked out. If your two-year-old has had a fever for more than three days, have it checked out. IF you have a child of any age and their fever is only getting worse, give your pediatrician a call right away.

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  2. This Week at RVP- Stay Safe!

    Because of recent weather events, River Valley Pediatrics will be closed on Monday, August 28th. At this point, we will be taking precautions to keep our employees and our patients safe. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you. As of right now, Seguin ISD, Navarro ISD, Marion ISD and New Braunfels ISD have canceled classes for tomorrow. Comal ISD is still on for a Tuesday first day of school, although this might change.

    Guadalupe, Comal, Hays, Bexar, Caldwell, Gonzales and surrounding counties have had numerous road closings because of flooding or the potential for it. Please heed all warnings and stay safe. Texas Governor Greg Abbott repeated it several times this weekend, “Turn around, don’t drown!” Did you know that only twelve inches of running water is enough to flip over a small to moderate-sized car? Do not risk it! Six inches of swift running water can drag a person down as well; please take no chances and please don’t let your kids play in currents, no matter how safe they might look. Here in New Braunfels, river access has been canceled as well as in Seguin. While this may be common sense, there is always a false sense of security when the winds die down and the rain lets up.

    Stay abreast of recommendations. If at some point our water supply is unsafe, our officials will let us know. At that moment, they will announce a water-boil recommendation; this means tap water is not safe to drink. If possible, use bottled water or water from a good filter to make your baby’s bottles.

    Most importantly, when possible, stay informed. Communicate with your neighbors. Watch the news. When you have power, charge your phones and pads for the times power is lost. We will be getting additional rain the next few days so it’s crucial to stay informed.

  3. In the Path of Harvey

    The events of the past few days have proven to be heart-wrenching. The near total decimation of Rockport, TX; the extensive damage to Corpus Christi, Cuero, Victoria and neighboring towns, the isolated floods and property damage in Seguin, Luling, New Braunfels and San Antonio… and now the catastrophic ongoing floods in our hometown of Houston…. This is all very humbling. We pray for all our families, friends and strangers. We pray for our first responders who risk their lives every single minute to save those who are in dire straits. We pray for a speedy recovery of our communities and for the strength to build back up yet again.

    Natural disasters will never leave us. We can, in some way, somewhat prepare with a few days’ notice thanks to modern technology, but we never can quite avoid 100% of the damage that can happen. We can only prepare, heed warnings, listen to our elected officials, and help our friends and neighbors in their time of need.

    Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. Whether it is you affected directly, or you’re sitting at home anxiously awaiting news about the safety of loved ones, know that Texans are resilient and we will recover from this. Godspeed everyone!