1. Does Your Child Need Minor Urgent Care or An Emergency Room?

    When your child is sick or hurt, as a parent, all you want to do is to make them feel better. However, sometimes it’s hard for a parent to know if a child just needs some medicine and good night’s sleep, care from a pediatrician, or if they should be taken to the emergency room. In today’s blog from River Valley Pediatrics, we want to provide parents with some information that may help to put your minds at ease and make them better prepared…Read More

  2. Tips For Keeping Children Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    Keeping your kids safe and healthy is a top priority for any parent, but especially so during the uncertain times we live in today. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives and the way we think about being in proximity to other people, how often we wash our hands, and it’s even prompted many people to buy hand sanitizer by the gallons. It’s hard to say what lies ahead or if there will be another spike in outbreaks, but you can …Read More

  3. Doctor Ivonne Sahagun-Carreon MD FAAP. COVID-19 preparedness

    COVID-19 preparedness RIVER VALLEY PEDIATRICS What should you do to stay safe this season? 1. Please do not panic. Be prepared with about two weeks’ worth of groceries and medicines in case you have to stay home, but do NOT hoard essential items. Use the curbside services if you can, or use drive-through services at stores and pharmacies. We’re all in this together. Please do NOT stock up on face masks and sanitizers- there is a severe shorta…Read More

  4. River Valley Pediatrics and Indoor Family Games

    Sometimes the weather keeps families cooped up and you have to find something to pass the time. This is a case in which the weather might be fine, but you have decided it is in the family’s best interest to avoid going out in the public. This is just a precaution, but it eases your mind. Besides, family night together can be very fun. River Valley Pediatrics offers indoor activities for the family. Charades Charades is a great game that gets ki…Read More

  5. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Protecting Your Family from Viruses

    You might or might not be concerned about your children getting the Coronavirus, it largely depends on where you live and the precautions you are taking. In the last few days, many things have changed and many of our lives have been disrupted at least to a certain extent. Parents are understandably worried, especially since children spend time in public places like schools and parks. And let’s face it, most kids don’t have the best handwashin…Read More

  6. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Brushing Teeth

    If you think you lead a busy and exciting life, you should be a kid again. In addition to school, family time, hanging out with friends, homework and video games, kids are learning how to take care of themselves in new ways every day. There are many skills and tasks that you teach your children. Taking care of their teeth and brushing them at least twice a day is a good example. This is no small feat, however, considering that brushing their teet…Read More

  7. Your Pediatrician in New Braunfels and Promoting Cognitive Development

    From birth, children are developing skills that will help them understand and respond to their environment. Children make cognitive, physical and creative developmental progress mostly through play. Cognitive development is characterized by the way a child learns, interacts with the surrounding environment and acquires knowledge. As a parent, there are several ways in which you can encourage cognitive development in your child. Toddlers are senso…Read More

  8. Your Pediatrician in New Braunfels and Bedtime

    When it comes to children and sleep, one frequent concern parents have is how to get them to bed on time every night. There isn’t a parent out there who hasn’t had to deal with the difficulty of putting a child to bed at least at some point. For many parents, getting their child to bed is a recurring nightmare. This does seem somewhat strange as children need much more sleep than adults. Yet, some children resist going to bed with every fiber…Read More

  9. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels and Healthy Eating

    If you are having a difficult time getting your children to eat healthy foods, you are not alone. There are many parents out there who have kids who are picky eaters and they tend to make mealtimes more difficult. You might also wonder if your children are getting the nutrition they need for proper growth and development. There is good news. There are several things you can do to get your kids to eat healthy foods. Your kids once again turned the…Read More