The great thing about the holiday season, besides the gifts, is having the chance to spend some quality time with the children and the rest of the family. It gives us the perfect opportunity to show our love and appreciation for one another and give thanks.

Holiday traditions are important in every family, no matter what your core beliefs are. Traditions provide cherished and meaningful lifelong memories and, like we said before, the opportunity to spend quality time together.

You probably have at least a couple of traditions you already celebrate during the holidays. Perhaps you play boards games on Christmas Eve or maybe you decorate the tree together the day after Thanksgiving. Family traditions are as simple as you want to make them and you should have a list of them you do. River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatric clinic in New Braunfels, offers holiday traditions you should start this year.

Donate Toys

One way to make room for the presents you will no doubt get from Santa is to donate old toys and toys not used anymore to an organization within your community that collects them. This is also a good teaching moment for your kids.

Watch The Shows You Loved As A Kid

A cozy fire, a big bowl of popcorn and DVDs of all your favorite childhood Christmas movies and shows is all you need for the perfect evening. This is a tradition your kids are sure to pass along to their own kids in due time.

Some must-see shows include A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life and everybody’s favorite, Die hard.

Visit A Tree Farm

Start the holiday season off right by taking the family to a local tree farm to search for the perfect tree. In addition, many tree farms offer other activities including hayrides, sleigh rides and perhaps a chance to visit Jolly St. Nick himself.

Hot Cocoa Bar

The only thing better than a cup of hot chocolate on movie night is a hot chocolate bar. Instead of just serving a mug of hot chocolate, set up a station filled with all sorts of goodies including mini marshmallows, colored sprinkles and whipped cream.

Go Light-Seeing

Load the kids in the family vehicle and pack some snacks and a thermos of hot chocolate and head out to check out holiday lights around town. It will be a couple of hours of pure joy for all family members. Don’t forget to bring the Christmas mix CD you and the kids created.

Pose For A Picture

We are pretty sure that you have pictures of your kids, your spouse and plenty of selfies on your smartphone, but do you have a family portrait n there somewhere? You don’t remember the last time the family posed for a portrait, maybe they never have.

Take the family to a professional and have your pictures taken. Make sure the kids are cleaned up, hair combed and wearing cute holiday clothing. You can then hang a picture in your home and use others to send in Christmas cards. Your parents and your spouse’s parent will love it.

Have A Bake-Off

Gather up the loved ones for a bake-off to see who makes the best cookies.  You can also just gather everyone in the kitchen and have everybody help bake some holiday goods. Mmm, we can smell the goodies now.

Leave Treats For Santa

You may already leave cookies and milk for Santa, but how about the reindeer? Don’t forget to leave out carrots and celery for the reindeer.

The Year In Review

Spend an evening with the family taking notes and writing up what happened through the year. We are sure it will be very interesting. No doubt a lot has transpired over the year, milestones were reached, goals were made and there were great accomplishments.

Adopt A Cultural Tradition

The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with cultural traditions. Find out what other countries and cultures do during the holidays and incorporate them in your celebrations. Embracing a cultural tradition is a special way to mark the holiday.

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