Child-rearing has become a more dangerous occupation over the years. This is not because children have changed, it’s because we have turned our living environments into a minefield.

There are some potential dangers in products and items that we have all over our homes. And toddlers can be a handful as they like to explore their surroundings and will put almost anything into their mouths.

River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatric clinic in New Braunfels, offers items around your home that are dangerous for children.

Dresser Drawers

Children will pull out dresser drawers and use them as makeshift steps to climb to the top. Let’s face it, whatever is on the top of the dresser is quite interesting to any toddler. To keep your children safe, install stops or locks so your children can’t open the drawers. It also helps if you keep heavy items in the bottom drawers and keep the upper drawers lighter to avoid your dresser being top-heavy.

Free-Standing Televisions

In the same way that your tall dresser can fall over, a television on top of a stand can come crashing down on children. As a matter of fact, falling furniture accounts for over half of all injuries toddlers suffer.

It is not good enough to place your television on a low, sturdy base. Newer flat-screen televisions are lightweight and kids can pull or push them over with relative ease. For that reason, you should have your television mounted to the wall.

Cheval Mirrors

These are the types of mirrors you see mounted on a swivel frame. They seem harmless until you realize that toddlers can get hurt when the main part swings up and down.

It is best if you swap out that cheval mirror for a mirror that can be mounted on the wall or on the back of your closet door.

Trunks and Storage Ottomans

Trunks and storage ottomans are both prime locations during a game of hide-and-seek. They also draw the interest of toddlers because of the treasures that could be within. This means that they pose a danger should kids get trapped in them or get their fingers or hands smashed by a lid that snaps shut.

There are storage ottomans available with soft-close doors; this way, kids won’t get their fingers pinched. Also, keep your storage pieces full so kids aren’t tempted to crawl into them.

Glass Tables

Your glass coffee table might be quite stylish, but it can also be a menace to kids. Because it is glass, the edges are difficult to see and children can run into them. The corners of glass tables can be sharp and dangerous.

If you insist on a glass-top table, find a safer one with tempered glass that will break into many small pieces as opposed to large shards. Also, install corner guards for added safety.

Tall Furniture

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 70 kids a day are injured by toppling furniture.

Highboys, armoires, bookcases, you name it, if it is taller than it is wide, then it is inherently unstable. Most accidents happen when an unsecured piece falls over or a child pulls it onto himself.

No excuses, all tall furniture should be braced, strapped or bracketed to prevent tip-overs. There are safety straps available that hold up to 100 pounds and don’t require drilling holes.

Corded Blinds

Corded blinds and shades with exposed cords pose a huge risk to young children. The problem is that children are curious about their surroundings. What is even more unsettling is that most kids injured by these cords were left alone only for a few minutes.

There are numerous cordless shades and remote control shades available, so it’s time to swap out corded shades.

Antique Furniture

Having antique furniture might give your home a classy look, but it could also be dangerous for your children. A lot of antique furniture can contain lead-based paint, and since toddlers love to put their mouths on everything, there is the possibility of ingesting a paint chip.

Unlocked Dishwashers

A closed up dishwasher might not seem dangerous, it is. If that door is not latched and your child opens it up, there could be an injury.
In addition to having knives and other sharp objects in the dishwasher, there could be detergent residue present.

Stay safe and call River Valley Pediatrics for your next appointment.