Summer is the stuff dreams are made of. You have lazy warm days, relaxed schedules and hopefully, plenty of time off of work to take the family on a road trip. Much of your summer will be spent on the go, which means a lot of time in the car.

If you recall, you probably packed a few things in your car for the winter. You know, your ice scraper, an extra pair of gloves and jumper cables. If you are prepared, you would have had a whole winter car emergency kit complete with first aid kit, food and a flashlight and extra batteries.

The thought of getting stuck in bad weather while on the road made you think to pack stuff just in case. Well, you can just as easily break down in the summer. So it makes perfect sense to pack an emergency bag for your car in the summer.

River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatric clinic in New Braunfels, offers the essentials you need to have packed in your car this summer.

Extra Clothes

Accidents happen and you don’t want the fun to end because you don’t have an extra pair of underwear after someone spills their cherry Slurpee all over the place. You should be packing at least one full change of clothes for each child you have.

Paper Towels

A roll of paper towels will come in handy for spills and for when somebody drinks too much cherry Slurpee and gets sick. Believe us when we say these won’t go to waste in your car.

First Aid Kit

Nobody wants to have the day interrupted because somebody got a boo-boo. Make sure you have a first aid kit full of bandages, antiseptic and aspirin.

Bug Spray

When you leave on your road trip in the morning, the mosquitoes are still asleep. But come evening, you are going to wish you had bug repellent. Make sure you have a bottle packed in your emergency car kit.

Disinfecting Wipes

Picnic tables aren’t the most sanitary places to eat, so you will probably want to wipe it down before enjoying your picnic.


Don’t let a lack of sunscreen ruin what would otherwise be a great summer day.

Jumper Cables

Contrary to what many people might think, batteries are more likely to die in the summer heat. Carry a set of jumper cables with you because you can’t count on others to have a set.


Carry a few extra bottles of water in your emergency kit. A supply of water will come in very handy should you get stranded or if your car gets too hot and you are in need of a coolant.


It is a good idea to have some non-perishable snacks in your emergency car kit. It is important to have food if you have a child who is getting fussy because they are hungry.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Sure, your phone has a flashlight app, but you are taking a risk relying on your phone for light in the dark. Your phone battery shouldn’t be drained using the flashlight app, it serves a more important purpose.

Road Flares

Cars break down at any time, day or night, so you need to be prepared for the worse. A set of road flares can keep you safe should you break down when it is dark outside.


Whether you have to change a tire or do some work under the hood, you will want a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

Solar Phone Charger

Should your car battery die, good luck trying to charge your phone. A solar phone charger will ensure your phone is charged and ready to use should an emergency arise.

Road Atlas

Don’t rely too heavily on Google Maps, a broken, dead or lost cell phone will not help you should you get lost. Brush up on your map-reading skills as well.

Emergency Radio

Keep a hand-crank radio in your car to get information and updates in the event of nasty weather conditions. You don’t want to drive right into a bad storm.

It might be summer, but you still need to ensure your children have regular checkups. Contact River Valley Pediatrics today.