The first few years of your child’s life are a huge factor in their lifelong development and growth. This is a big reason why it is not OK to skip out on their wellness checkup.

Well child checks are the perfect opportunity to track your child’s progress. You want to make sure they are getting all that they need to grow up to be strong and happy people.

Even if your child is quite happy and healthy, you should not skip out of their checkups. River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatric clinic in New Braunfels, offers the reason why you should never blow off a child’s checkup visit.

Improve Relationships

The best way for a doctor to determine what is best for a child is to know how the child acts and behaves. This becomes a much easier job for the doctor when they know their patients. If you are not taking your child to the doctor for their wellness checkups, the doctor isn’t getting a good opportunity to know your child.

In addition, children who only see their doctor when a bone is broken or when they are sick quickly associate the doctor with pain and other bad things. But when they visit their doctor on a regular basis, even if they are happy and healthy, they don’t associate their pediatrician with bad things.

Answered Questions

Every child is different and as a parent, there will always be questions and new challenges. Your pediatrician is a wonderful source for many of the questions you have about your kids. And the best way to present these questions to your pediatrician is by showing up for your kid’s regular visits.

Of course, you could always attempt to “friend” your pediatrician on social media to ask questions, but we doubt that will turn out very well.

Diagnose Health Issues

Your child might seem quite happy and healthy, but looks can be deceiving. On the surface, everything is fine, but there could be something going on that you are unaware of until your pediatrician finds out during the regular visit.

Address Delays

Your child might be slightly behind in speech or walking and you might not even know it. A professional assessment by your pediatrician will discover any problems your child might be having and offer ways to solve the problem.
Track Growth

Not every child grow at the same rate, so doctors judge growth rates on an average scale. If there is evidence that your child is not in the correct range, your pediatrician will offer solutions.

Enforcing Healthy Habits

Visits to the pediatrician are a great opportunity to reinforce healthy habits that kids forget over time. More often than not, a child will listen to their doctor over their parents, especially when the pediatrician is telling them to eat their vegetables.

Mental Check-Up

Just as important as your child’s physical well-being is your child’s mental well-being. Your pediatrician will evaluate your child’s mental health each visit.

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