COVID-19 preparedness


What should you do to stay safe this season?

1. Please do not panic. Be prepared with about two weeks’ worth of groceries and medicines in
case you have to stay home, but do NOT hoard essential items. Use the curbside services if you
can, or use drive-through services at stores and pharmacies. We’re all in this together. Please do
NOT stock up on face masks and sanitizers- there is a severe shortage and even health care
workers can’t get any. And we need them desperately!

2. If you suspect you or your kids have been exposed, please do NOT go to the ER, urgent care or
your doctor for a test. As of right now, only the department of health can decide who gets
tested. We don’t have tests. Call us and we can set up a video conference to determine if we
need to send you to the Department of Health to be tested.

3. Take precautions that are common sense: wash your hands with soap and water or sanitizer
with more than 60% alcohol. Avoid crowded places if you can. Do not touch your face. Clean
your surfaces with bleach.

If you or your child is sick and febrile (temperature of 100.4oF and over -do not “add a degree” if you
take the temperature under the axilla) stay home and contact your physician to determine if you
are at high risk, or if you can be seen by them OR the department of health. Do not send febrile
kids to school or daycare.

If you or your family members have had a recent history of travel outside the country AND you have
symptoms of fever, cough AND shortness of breath, please do NOT show up unannounced to the
doctor’s office, urgent care or ER. Call first for instructions.

Remember we’re trying to avoid getting others sick to stop the spread of this illness.

If you’re not sick enough, please stay out of the ER’s.

Please call us for guidance if you’re not sure what to do.