Now that the weather has improved, the days are longer and winter is over, your kids are probably eager to go outside and play. Spring is the time of year when you can turn off Netflix, dust the crumbs from the couch and go outside and spend some quality time with the spouse and children.

Spring is the favorite time of year for many children and adults alike. That is because everybody loves seeing birds return to the trees, new growth and warmer weather. Spring is a newness that we all look forward to every year.

If you are like most, your family spent the winter on the couch eating comfort foods and catching up on all of your favorite Netflix shows. In fact, you may have had one or two too many bowls of mac and cheese. But hey, you needed all of those calories to keep warm over the winter.

But now that spring is here, you can spend time outside engaging in your favorite family activities. It is a healthy choice for the whole family. River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatrician in New Braunfels, offers spring activities for the whole family.

Fly a Kite

Springtime breezes make it the perfect time of year to go fly a kite. Head to your local hobby store and they will have a nice assortment of kites to choose from. If you are feeling creative, break out the art supplies, browse Google for some help and you and your family can make your own kites.

Flying a kite in the park ensures your family gets plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Sidewalk Art

Head outside when the weather is awesome and introduce your kids to sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is large sticks of colorful chalk that you use to draw cool things on the sidewalk or on the driveway.

You can even use the chalk to draw tic-tac-toe games to play. You can also draw a four-square court and play a game. Again, fresh air, vitamin D from the sun and exercise are the reasons why this is a great family activity.

Plant a Garden

Do your kids like to play in the dirt? If so, then they will love helping you plant a garden. This is an ongoing project that the family can do all summer long.

Gardens are wonderful for a variety of reasons. They help supply the family with healthy food, they give you plenty of exercise and they allow you to get outside on a regular basis.
Even after the initial planting, your garden will keep everybody busy as you will spend the summer weeding and watering your vegetables.


When was the last time you and the family drove to a trail and took a nice long hike?

Hiking is a great way to get exercise for sure, but there are plenty of other benefits as well. You need to keep in mind that hiking is less about getting from point A to point B than it is about having an outdoor adventure.

Take the time to explore what is around you. Let the kids keep pace and make sure to stop and check out anything that is interesting, whether that will be wildlife, spring foliage or waterfalls.

Bike Riding

In cycling, a lot of energy is expended and a lot of distance can be covered. When you do a long bike ride, you really feel as though you accomplished something.

Tagging along with your kids on a bike ride is a great way to bond with them.


If your family loves to fish, springtime is a great time to go.

Fishing is an activity that crosses all gender, cultural and economic lines. Once you are on the shore, all that matters is what you catch. The feeling of the line being pulled tight and the adrenaline rushing as you reel in the fish is a thrill to anybody.

Rock Hunting

The family will have a blast finding interesting rocks and studying about them in the evening. Rock hunting is an activity that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Have fun this spring and don’t forget to bring your kids in for their annual checkups. Call River Valley Pediatrics today.