We are in the middle of February and we bet your kids are getting pretty sick of being stuck inside. And you are probably out of ideas as to how to kid your kids entertained and active.

Don’t fret, you are not alone. Parents from all over this country struggle this time of year to keep their kids active and happy. Spring is just around the corner, but there are still plenty of colder days to contend with. River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatrician in New Braunfels, offers you these wonderful ways in which you can keep your kids active the rest of this winter.


Get some music going and invite your kids to a friendly dance-off. This is a great way to get some exercise without having to step outside.

Thanks to internet radio and devices like the Amazon Echo, finding and playing a variety of music is as simple as asking. You might be fine with dancing all afternoon to the likes of Micheal Jackson, The Rolling Stones and Duran Duran, but your kids will want to bust a move to a variety of musical genres.

Paper Airplane Races

Yes, this is a thing. You will need several sheets of paper, paper clips and tape. Inspire your kids to be little engineers by having them build paper airplanes and see which ones fly the farthest. They will get plenty of exercise throwing and chasing down their paper airplanes.

Obstacle Course

You are a master of the blanket and pillow couch fort. Put your skills to good use creating an indoor obstacle course. You can be rather basic about it by having a few obstacles set up in one room or you can go all out and built several obstacles that span several rooms. Either way, you will have fun creating the obstacle course and the children will have a blast going through it.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is the ultimate indoor adventure. To accomplish this, all you need to do is find some goodies and hide them around the house. You then make a crude map of the house and where the goodies might be found. You can then put clues in certain spots around the house. You can sip tea and relax while the kids spend the next 30 minutes searching for the treasures.

Balloon Volleyball

You make a net by tying a piece of yarn across two chairs. Then blow up a balloon and you can have a balloon volleyball tournament. Practice those serving skills. This game will be enjoyed for hours and it’s doubtful that anything will get broken in the process.

Hallway Soccer

You don’t need a large field or even your backyard to play soccer. All you need is a hallway and a foam ball. You can really get into it by using masking tape to mark the boundaries on the floor.

Exercise Videos

There just might be a box of old workout tapes you have stashed away in the closet or basement. You know the ones we are talking about. We are betting your kids will get a kick out of watching and dancing to the oldies with Richard Simmons. You can also introduce them to Jane Fonda circa 1981.

If you don’t have such a collection of tapes, you can always find great stuff on YouTube. Your kids will get some exercise and be thoroughly entertained all at the same time.


Even the older gaming systems have games that require lots of movement. You can pick up an older Xbox and the game Dance Dance Revolution for pretty cheap and spend hours dancing to all of the great tunes.

Limit Screen Time

It is worth noting that children spend more than seven hours a day in front of a screen. Of course, this includes television, smartphones, tablets and laptops. It is very likely one of the reasons why kids don’t get enough exercise.

The winter months are worse because kids love to cozy up on the couch and either watch television or play video games. By limiting screen time, you force your kids to do something else, something active for example.

Keeping your kids active will also keep their immune systems healthy and they will get sick less often. But if they do come down with something, bring them to River Valley Pediatrics.