It’s January 3rd, how many resolutions have you already broken?

We are all for resolutions, they make us better people in the long run. But we think people can be more creative when they make their New Year’s resolutions. Ask five or six of your friends or coworkers about their resolutions. We bet the ones who did make resolutions picked the very same ones they failed at last year. One friend resolved to lose weight, another resolved to eat more healthily, which is great, but also quite predictable and boring. Others resolve to get more exercise or save more money or stop procrastinating, all resolutions we hear about all of the time.

The problem with most traditional resolutions is that they are basically selfish, they only serve to benefit the person making the resolutions. We think it’s time that parents who are making resolutions think about their kids. That is, make resolutions as a parent and resolve to be a better parent.

It’s not too late to resolve to be a better parent. You can either keep your other resolutions and just add this to the list or you can swap out one of your current resolutions with the being a better parent resolution. Swap it out with a resolution you know you will never keep, like the one where you promise to hit the gym four times a week.

Your pediatrician at River Valley Pediatrics in New Braunfels offers you ways in which you can be a better parent. It’s not that you are a bad parent, but we all could use some improvements.

Put Down the Phone

Parenting is a tough job and when you get a little break, you tend to grab your smartphone and see what people are posting on Facebook and check your emails and take a selfie to post on Instagram and so on. Really, you could spend an hour on your phone. But here is the deal; in 10 or 12 years, your kids will have their faces buried in their smartphones or tablets or other electronic devices and you are going to hate it. So we are guessing that they hate it when you spend too much time on your phone when they are around.

Remember, those Facebook posts aren’t going anywhere, but someday your kids will be grown up and gone.

Driving Under the Influence of Your Phone

Over half of teens in America have reported seeing their parents checking or using their cell phones while driving. Believe us when we say this is not what you want to be remembered for. When your children are old enough to drive, you certainly aren’t going to want them to be using their phone while behind the wheel.

Then you need to not use your phone while driving a vehicle.


We are guessing that many of you out there probably think that we all spend a little too much time engaged with some sort of electronic device. If we aren’t on our smartphones, we are on a laptop or the kids are playing a video game. You might have a hard time pinpointing a time when the whole family was together without a device around.

In this day and age, electronic devices are all around and we simply cannot function very well without them. But what we can do is turn them all off for a few hours and just enjoy the company of your family members. So set a time when everything can get shut down, including the television, and time can be spent with each other.

Breathe More, Yell Less

You might have plenty of patience, but not all of us are wired that way. And if you occasionally yell at your children, you are certainly not alone. Do a Google search on ways to deal with kids without yelling and learn how to be a patient parent.

Play More

The time that you spend with your children is very important. It is important that you roll up your sleeves and get down on your hands and knees and play with them. Even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes, they deserve your undivided attention.

And don’t forget to bring your children in for regular checkups, even if they are healthy. Call River Valley Pediatrics today.