Summertime means your children are spending a lot of their time outside playing. Which is great except it also means that children get injured more often.

Families from all over our nation spend much of their summer in the sun doing fun things. But parents need to be cautious because many outdoor activities can end with an injury or even worse, a trip to the emergency room.

Ask any doctor and they will tell you that summer is the busiest time in the trauma center. The good news is that many types of injuries are preventable. This is a good time to remind families about the activities and injuries that occur more frequently in the summer.

River Valley Pediatrics and your pediatrician in New Braunfels offers the top summer safety hazards and common injuries kids suffer in the summer.


Trampolines are a common culprit of summertime injuries suffered by children. Sure, jumping way high in the air is fun, but it also has a downside if you aren’t careful. Sprains, broken bones and head injuries are just a few examples of the injuries that are suffered on trampolines every day.

If you allow your children to play on a trampoline, have safety netting installed around the trampoline and have the frame and springs covered with shock-absorbing pads. Trampolines should also be assessed often for tears and other malfunctions.

Only one child should be on the trampoline and parents should be there to supervise.


Lawnmowers and kids don’t mix, so don’t be too quick about giving mowing responsibilities to your children. Both push mowers and riding mowers can cause serious injuries. Children may know well enough to keep away from the blades, but there are other hazards as well. Kids can get seriously hurt just falling off a riding lawnmower. Wait until your kids are older before making them mow the lawn.


Independence Day might be but a memory now, but that doesn’t mean fireworks are over for the year. Fireworks are dangerous and even sparklers cause burns every year. Mishaps with fireworks can injure fingers, limbs and even eyes.

Nationwide, more than half of all firework injuries happen to children.


Even in the morning after a campfire, never assume that fire pit can’t burn you. Every year, children suffer serious burns while camping, so use caution.

Playground Injuries

Head injuries and broken bones are quite common injuries sustained from playground equipment. Your kids can have a great time at the playground as long as safety is the first priority.

Always slide feet first down the slide, and only one child should be sliding down at a time. Always have your children stay seated while swinging. Standing up while swinging is just an accident waiting to happen.

And make sure that wood chips or some other shock-absorbing material are below playground equipment.

Biking Injuries

Every year, trauma centers across the nation treat over 26,000 children for head injuries as a result of biking. And it is the summer months when most of these injuries occur. The easiest way to avoid a head injury while biking is to wear a helmet.

In fact, your children should be wearing a helmet whenever they are on their bike, skateboard or scooter. Make sure you get a quality helmet that properly fits.

You should also teach your children traffic rules such as crossing at crosswalks and following signals when they ride their bikes.

Make sure your child’s bike is the right size and is in excellent working condition.

Slipping and Sliding

When the lifeguard tells your children to walk instead of run, it is some pretty keen advice. Running on wet surfaces, like at the pool, can cause more than just skinned knees and bruises, you could suffer broken bones, a head injury or worse.

Water Safety

Your children should never be out of your reach while in the water. You should also seriously consider taking a CPR class.

Dog Bites

Everyone wants to be outside in the summer, including Fido. Every dog is different and you should teach your kids not to make assumptions about certain breeds as that poodle can bite just as hard as any other dog. Children should always ask the owner before approaching a dog.

Have fun this summer and don’t forget to bring your child in for their check-up. Call River Valley Pediatrics today.