Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels Offers Reasons for Well-Child Visits

    Were you aware that the American Association of Pediatrics recommends parents bring their children in for well-child visits once a year from the age of three until they turn 21?  Younger children should be evaluated more often than just once a year. Well-child visits are a critical part of your child's medical care. In addition to providing a chance for our pediatrician to see your child without having to diagnose and treat an illness or injury,…Read More

  2. No Health Insurance? No Problem; We Offer Reasonable Fees for Check-Ups, Well-Exams and More

    Living without health insurance means weighing each medical decision against the potential cost. This frugal method of determining medical care isn’t necessarily bad, but for many, forgoing medical care can put you at a health risk. Affordability, obviously, is a significant factor when deciding for or against health insurance. For the younger population with tight budgets, going without insurance might seem like a small gamble. After all, what…Read More

  3. Your Pediatric Clinic in New Braunfels Offers Allergy Information

    Is your child suddenly sneezy? It could be allergies. Seasonal allergies may strike your child for the first time this spring if he or she is between the ages of two and five. Typically, seasonal allergies don't develop in infants. But how do you know if it is allergies or if your child has caught a cold? River Valley Pediatrics, your pediatric clinic in New Braunfels, offers you these signs of spring allergies. Sneezing Common allergy symptoms i…Read More

  4. Your New Braunfels Pediatrician Offers Tips to Avoid the Flu

    The flu season is quickly approaching, and your children are most at risk for the virus. Children will be the first in any city or town to get sick with the flu. Children are also more likely than their parents to get the flu when they are exposed. And if you get the flu, it will likely be because you were in contact with your children as they are the ones who are most to blame for passing along the virus. Getting the flu is no fun, regardless of…Read More

  5. Annual Visits to Your New Braunfels Pediatric Clinic are Recommended

    We all know just how fast kids grow up. It seems like just yesterday when you were pushing him in the stroller through the park and now he is ready to take his driver's test. When he was younger, you worried about his health and made regular visits to River Valley Pediatrics, your New Braunfels pediatric clinic. But this changed as he got older and he hasn't seen his pediatrician on a regular basis. It's easy enough to know when to take babies an…Read More