Telehealth Services for Children

In the United States, children under the age of 15 account for over 70 million office visits every year. This is one of the leading causes of parents having to miss time from work. The adaptation of telemedicine at our pediatric office eliminates the need for many in-person visits. This saves parents the headaches associated with missing work and it also reduces the time that children miss school.

Telemedicine is a technological tool that is improving the health of children all over the world. The growth and evolution of telemedicine are opening new roads for effective, efficient and affordable health care services.

Children with asthma or diabetes often require medications that must be closely monitored. These children already suffer too much time away from school, telemedicine enables careful supervision of these patients without the need to pull them from school for the day for a doctor’s appointment.

Diagnosis and treatment can be accurately performed from anywhere, making patient care more convenient and less hectic and upsetting for the children.


How to Check-in for your Telemedicine Visit with River Valley Pediatrics MD PA

Instructions Are Very Easy to Follow

How to Check in Telemedicine River Valley Pediatrics MD PA New Braunfels